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Jerky Boys: The Movie soundtrack CD autographed

Jerky Boys: The Movie soundtrack CD autographed

$ 29.95

Soundtrack to the Jerky Boys: The Movie. Only opened once to autograph. Make sure to write in the provided text field on what you want written and to whom the autograph is for before adding to cart!

Track listing:

1    "Accordions & Keyboards" - Jerky Boys (exclusive prank call)
2    "Gel" - Collective Soul
3    "2000 Light Years Away" - Green Day
4    "Dial a Jam" - Coolio & The 40 Thevz
5    "Shallow End" - Superchunk
6    "Four Fly Guys" - Hurricane & Beastie Boys
7    "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" - Tom Jones, covering Lenny Kravitz
8    "Hanging on the Telephone" - L7, covering Blondie
9    "Beef Jerky" - House of Pain
10    "Symptom of the Universe" - Helmet, covering Black Sabbath
11    "Dirty Dancing" - Wu-Tang Clan /  "You Got Me Sick as a Dog" - Jerky Boys (hidden track at the end of Dirty Dancing)